Vote for us at the 2013 Kids' ...

Vote for us at the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards
Rushers! We're nominated for 'Favorite Music Group' at this year's KCAs!! Help us win by voting HERE! Or tweet using hashtags #KCA & #VoteBTR!
Also, Carlos is nominated for 'Favorite Male TV Actor!' Make sure to vote for him using hashtags #KCA & #VoteCarlos on Twitter!

Comments (34)

why 1D won?
btr is way better!
carlos deserved to win too!maybe next year?NO WORRIES!!!
i ♥ u guys!

All world must vote for btr!
And I love BTR so much!
BTR. You rock!

The competition this year is big with 1D
But you have to covet for btr!
Please do it guys it's important!

Carlos I vote you everyday!
Please all the world has to vote for btr!
Btr has done an amazing work this year!
Please guys vote them!

this is like my favorite band hope btr wins

Everyone has got to vote for BTR!!! X100000
P.S. Got to vote for Carlos too!!!

I relly don't like 1D and i tottally think that they should lose! BTR deserves that blimp!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE LUV U GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I VOTED FOR U LIKE 20 TIMES HOPE U WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lets see if we can break a million twitter votes lets go

Hey!!! I am from Honduras in Central America.... South the US. Tongue I already voted for you... I hope you win!! I'm the biggest Rusher in all Honduras!!!!Smile I love you guys!!! Laughing out loud I am in love of you 4! <3

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