One Big Time Surprise....

We heard about Amber through her brother Ryan who wrote a letter to Santa! When we first heard her story we knew immediately that we needed to meet Amber! Check out the full story & video HERE!

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Hey,guys I have a question.I heard that the band is going to break up!! Is this true?

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Happy 23rd Birthday, Kendall. I hope you have an amazing day. I love you soooooooo much.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENDALL SCHMIDT!!!!!! Hope you have an awesome day.

Big Time Rush is my life ♥♥♥

Hello Big time rush,

I am amazed by this. you guys haven't only helped this girl, but you have given faith for those all around the world that are being bullied. you have given them faith that there dreams can come true. they know now, it doésn't matter if they are bullied, they are still special.

I myself have been bullied, and not a bit either. i was bullied because of my visual dissabilty. and a couple more dissabilities. I thought for a long time like this little girl. but i have fought. and seeing you guys do this, has given me more hope that there are good people still out there.

that not everything is as cursed and dark as it seems to be. there is still a light shining brightly, and you guys are bringing the light to those who are stuck in the darkness, suffering.

thank you, for everything. May God give me the chance to thank you guys in person once in my life, but for now this hast to do.
so once more Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Hi All,
This amazing thing you did for that little girl will stay with her for the rest of her life. I'm twenty-one and when I was in middle school I was bullied to a point where I never thought I'd make it and my life would be over. But I had some friends in my life who saved me and you saved this little girl. Now I'm a senior in college and going to be a teacher one day. You never know what a small gesture can do for someone. So for that I'd like to thank you. Plus I'm a huge fan, but seeing what you did for this girl just touched my heart even more!

I'm smart like you and i just wanna meet you at the greece...I know Guys you love greece and i wan't to to a concert at my school see ya soon Wink

Julia Velli

I am a 53 year old grandmother who has now become one of your biggest fans. What you did for Amber and Ryan was heart-warming and made me cry. God bless you all. My 6 granddaughters will all be receiving your music for their birthdays and Christmas from now on..... and I will spread the word. P.S. Your music is awesome, too! Keep up the good works and you will have a long and successful career and a good life.

I watched this twice and cried cuz of what u did! u guys are the best! its things like this that makes me a proud rusher! not only are u guys sexy and so hot u are the most beloved caring 4 guys in the world! ur hearts are so big and loving i wish i could see you guys but even if i cant u'll always be my happiness and my world. i dont know what to say im so speechless i love you guys so much every single on of you!!! Rusher forever <3

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