Like Nobody's Around #BigTimeC...

Rushers! We had such a hard time picking the covers this week! Keep up the amazing work! Watch a few of them below!

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the songs are great, I love them, thanks for sharing.
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You guys would't let your fans down would you? I really want to see you in concert this summer. I really want to have a normal conversation with you Kendall. I know we have a lot in common take a chance. I haven't heard from you so I guess this website is to make people feel good. Btr really doesn't read this stuff. Fans waste their time !

#rusherswantbtrtogether . C'mon guys , we love you together

Russia love you, guys ❤

Russia love you, guys ❤

Please come to Uruguay
Uruguay needs BTR
We also love BTR in Uruguay and need from you

I love BTR, i'm uruguayan and I hope you can come to Uruguay!

Btr guys please please I want to see you in concert . Kendall I know you like older women ,Maybe we can talk some time. I know that will never happen, but it would be cool if it did.

United States