Fan Club Pre-Sale Available fo...

Fan Club Pre-Sale Available for Houston, TX and Mexico!
Rushers! PRESALE for our shows in in Houston Texas, Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey! Stay tuned for more info and get tickets on!

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Hey btr you guys are so cute would love to see a concert . You all seem like your down to earth dont ever let fame change you. Hope to hear from you !!

One thing that I want to do before i die is to see Big Time Rush live! Come to Sweden, look at the Facebook page "Big Time Rush to Sweden". You have so many fans here! <3

Come to Sweden!! You have so much fans in Europe so why not have a tour here? Please come to Stockholm, I promise to be there if you come to us! Kram från Sverige! <3

Come to Croatia you have so many fans there Smile))))

i thimnk its a nice CD

i thimnk its a nice CD

Please, Please, Please come back to Australia and do a concert in Perth, i was devastated when i got tickets to Slimefest but couldn't get to Sydney. please come to Perth

please guys come in georgia (europe) (azie) <3 <3 <3 we love you here very mutch! Smile :)

Please guys come to Greece! You have over 30.000 Greek Rushers waiting for you.... we really NEED to see you!!!! Please don't dissappoint us... WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! COME TO GREECE! <3333

big time rush , we love u here . we wont u to come to israel.

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