Carlos Hosts "Webheads"

Rushers! Carlos PenaVega is hosting the brand-new Nickelodeon show "Webheads!"
Webheads is a game show all about viral videos!! Contestants face off in four crazy rounds of challenges that put their Internet intelligence to the test.Tune in June 2 at 6pm!

Watch the trailer for the show now here!

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i am voting for James and i think big time rush is so cute when taking their photo shoot. I really wanna meet u guys but i am all the way in long island in RiverHead in Budget Host Inn by the way my name is Alyssa Nnkyah Cheriece Mansano i am turning 14 in september i really wanna c u guys 4 my b'day i am in new york

RUSHERS!! VOTE FOR JAMES NOW!! IT IS THE FINAL DANCING WITH THE STARS TONIGHT! Go to, and call 1-800-868-3402 to vote. If you love the guys of Big Time Rush, please vote for James now. Thanks!

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