Big Time Rush at the San Anton...

Rushers!! Big news! We're happy to announce that we'll be performing at the 2014 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo on February 9th, 2014 at at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas !! We can’t wait to get back on stage! Get information on tickets now here: HERE!

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Hi my name is Noreen Tello I live in San Antonio and I'm wanting to know how I can get a meet and greet with the guys from big time rush but not for me for my nephew his name is Raymond Monroe he has a rare skin condition called epidermislysis bullosa EB for short what it is it's doing with blisters all over his body's that look like burn marks you cannot grab him rough he cannot play rough he has 3 other brother's but he can not do things a normal 7 years old can do Sad but one thing that makes him feel better is listening to BTR music when it's time for a shower or a bandaid change my sister his mother puts their music on and he sits there & sings along & has a smile on his face my family would like to thank them they might not know it but because of them for that moment of pain my nephew has to live with everyday make him feel better.i know it would make him really really extremely happy to get to meet them in person and say thank you for there music Smile

I love you big time this will be my first concert and I will have a blast I want to be kendall schmidts world wide girl

i really wanted to meet James maslow and carlos pena jr

Hey so its my birthday on the 21st and i would love a birthday wish from the boys! twitter: j0annabananaa xoxo ps.. whens the toronto concert !

I just hope that Nick would renew again BTR for season 5. I have a 3 yrs. old boy who really love the guys. His days wouldn't be complete without watching them to the point that I have to record every show just for my son to watch it.

Please tell me you read comments!! I have the most amazing 10 yr old son with down syndrome! He found ur shows, ur music on utube on his own! He tries so hard to be COOL and do all the dance moves!! We live in San Antonio!! How can I get him to meet and greet?! He is non verbal but will scream his head off trying to sing! He found and now a huge fan on his own!!!

Some fans heard rumours that btr is breaking up is that true?
What is happening with nickelodeon series are they back???????????

That's cool
There back from their vacation
Will there be any christmas songs?

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