Rushers! To celebrate #1YearOf24Seven, we need YOUR help to create the ultimate 24/Seven fan video!

Submit videos of you singing along (or lip syncing) to 24/Seven. Feel free to include creative images of 24/Seven lyrics or get your friends involved! You will find the lyrics to the song at the bottom of this page.

A few lucky participants will receive a signed copy of 24/Seven! So what are you waiting for?

Upload your video to YouTube and email the link to 24sevenfanvideo@gmail.com

Send us your video by Sunday, June 22nd!

Download 24/SEVEN
24/Seven Lyrics
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Comments (8)

I really hope you guys get back together and sing. Your guys are my inspirations. I maybe being sappy and im 21 years old but honestly you guys are so jumpy, fun, funny and make me happy. Every time I am crying bc I think of how scared I am that I might have ms and I might not be able to be a pro singer like you dudes are, or when my dad upsets me for calling me a mistake or something of that nature you all make me happy. Just one video gets me all pumped and happy and Yes I do love Heffron drive. I just miss you 4 together. I know you probably wont be able to contact me in anyway but if you can I live in Neenah, Wisconsin. Samantha L Stewart. Thanx. My email is <a href="mailto:SamanthaStewartPro@gmail.com">SamanthaStewartPro@gmail.com</a>

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Big Time Rush please come to South Africa!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv u guys soooooooooooooooo much! You guys are awesome!


BTR, please can u make a europe tour and visit croatia pleaseeeeeeeee!!!
I love you so much!

The Big Time Rush ended?

I sent mine and I'm so excited for our rusher video ♥ :')

United States