Big Time Tour!



wow,BIG TIME TOUR!perfect!

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i was there in Kansas City Mo and i got a vip pass


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Come to my country one day please! ♥

Come to Greece one day and come to Thessaloniki because i live there ♥


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Nice and superb pics with the discussion of this tour i am very happy to get knowledge..I want to go there but time is create problem for the tour......

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Nice Pictures

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Awesome Photos

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wonderful pictures,seem it

wonderful pictures,seem it was great hit,and crowd shows that everyone had an great time over there.

You guys rock! I am a great

You guys rock!
I am a great fan of this band! The pictures are amazing, I am happy to see smiles on your faces!
Good luck!

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This photo collection is

This photo collection is really amazing! i was not present at the show but the pics prove that it was awesome! so many people and the atmosphere is so friendly, I wish I was there, too!

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Big Time Rush!! I love u!

Big Time Rush!! I love u! When testament you come too Greece? I'm very big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you are the hottest board on all the world!
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Come to Poland! <3

Please come to Poland! I'm your biggest fan! *w*
James, you're the best! <3

Come to Poland! <3

Please come to Poland! I'm your biggest fan! *w*
James, you're the best! <3


I didn't get to go see you guys because I was sick.Ihad an illness.

please come back,cassie

P.S,I'm James's #1 fan.


BTR: u guys were amazing here in mexico city i hope that u can come back soon by ur own I LOVE U los quiero mucho!!!

i went to the concert in

i went to the concert in allegan MI and you guys were amazing!! i love u james!!


ahhhh.......Big Time Rush!! I love u! When will you come too Greece? I'm very big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you are the hottiest band on all the world!

love james

he is sooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee and nice.


Big Time Rush is the best!! Kendall is my favorite because he always has the craziest plans and always knows just what to say. So, who's ready for 11/21/11???

I♥ James

I♥ James Smile


Cuando vengan a mexicooo serann muchos mas sus fans pero ellos como principales y qe se queden aqui e inviten otro grupo invitado Laughing out loud

I went to one of there concerts in Orlando Florida at universal

It was the best concert ever!!!!! They sling shot t shirts that where signed by all of them into the crowed,,,,,,,I love James Maslow! If he werent here I have no clue where I would be right now!!!!!! THANK YOU BIG IME RUSH FOR BEING HERE FOR EVERYONE!!!!! they inspire me ALOT!!!!!

i was at the del mar concert

i was at the del mar concert and the costa mesa concert!! it was so cool!! they sang great! best concerts ever!! Party

York PA

Omg I was in the York PA picture I got the best pic of james smiling into my camera

please!!! come to reunion

please!!! come to reunion island!! please!!

mariejameerbocus@localhost it's my adress

Adding friends.

I'm looking for fans who went to the Big Time Rush concert in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Add me to your friend list and I'll try to add you to mine. You can only add me to your friend list if you went to Big Time Rush's concert in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

come to park meadow mall please!!!!!!!!!!!

hey uuummm kendall i know your birthday is coming up and i wanted to wish you a very happy b-day!!!
and con you guys come to colorado and do some signings at the park meadow mall please!!!!!


Just to let you know I changed my profile picture to an apple because Steve Jobs the co founder of Apple died yesterday. And I want to pay respect to him. I'll change it back to the picture that I had before. I might change it in a week. If you didn't know what picture that was it was a picture of the earth.

Lewisburg, West Virginia.

I for got to mention I want Big Time Rush to come back to the state fair of West Virginia. I would love for them to come back. Please come back to the wild and wonderful West Virginia. Us West Virginia fans want Big Time Rush to come back to the state fair of West Virginia. We would love to see you come back to our wonderful state. So please come back. We hope you guys come back. If you guys come back to the state fair of West Virginia I can have a better chance of getting back stage passes and front seat tickets. Us West Virginia fans loved that you guys came to the State Fair Of West Virginia. Us West Virginia fans thank you guys for comming to our wonderful state and state fair. West Virginia fans love you guys. Just to let you guys know I live in West Virginia. I love my small state. I'm also proud of my state. I'm even proud to live in West Virginia.

I <3 this guys =)

I <3 this guys =)



big time rush please come

big time rush please come here im a big fan and i always sing to ur songs all the time btw U ROOOOOOOOOOCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I LOVE BIG TIME RUSH ALWAYS FOREVER I EVEN MADE A NECKLACE THAT SAIDS BTR

Lewisburg West Virginia State Fair of West Virginia

I was there at the West Virginia State Fair. I loved it. I cried when I found the picture from when they posted it on their twitter. I cried because I never been in a picture on Twitter before. And I never have been on Time Rush picture either. I was so happy that I found the picture on their twitter. They look so funny in the picture at yhe state fair of West Virginia. I can't find myself in the picture. I'm mad that I can't find myself in it, but I know where I was sitting at. I hope Big Time Rush comes back to West Virginia. Speaking of being in a band pic I found Theory Of A Deadman video from Huntington West Virginia on their Twitter. I was at Theory's concert at Huntington. And I think I found myself in the video. I was standing in the VIP section. We very close to the stage.

i love big time rush

my big time dream is to meet btr in person hopefully they can come to the texas state fair in dallas tx.

pics <3

gr8 pics xxxxx i would SSSOOOOOO go and see u guys in concert but cant till u come back to the uk again x hope u had a gr8 time performing x Smile

I<3 BTR!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!! I love you guys!!!! I have been to two of your concerts this year and they were both AMAZING!!!!! I went to The New Albany, and the LIma county Fair!!!! I hope one day I get to be front row at one of your concerts, and get to come on stage with you guys. I honestly will travel anywhere to see you guys perform. My favorite song is Worldwide. I also love if i ruled the world, if i ruled the world, i would wish to meet you and get pictures and autographs, because that is on of my dreams that i hope one day will come true.I actually have shirt that says Mrs. Schmidt on the back, my BFF has one that says Mrs. Pena my Sis has one that's says Mrs. Maslow, and my other sis has one that says Mrs. Henderson! Hahaha! I love you guys!!!! You awesomeeeeeeee!!!!!

Tour Pics

I wish they would put up more pictures of each concert! They should do at least one pic of the fans they pulled on stage at every concert. One of my friends was pulled up and i really wanted to she a picture of her and all the other girls! That would make their fans so happy! They don't have pics of the girls on either website... Sad :(

Big Time Tour

You guys must have really felt the rush this summer and had a blast! You rocked Hampton Beach guys! Have a good time with the end of your tour and I hope to see you guys again! as always keep rockin!!!!