Já estreou o nosso vídeo "24...

Rushers! O nosso vídeo "24/seven" já estreou no VEVO! Vejam aqui em baixo!!

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My name is Kallinge'm super fan of you would like to follow me on twiter is Kallinge rebeca love the music of you they are more and follow me there please

Big time rush hello, my name is Andrew, I'm 13, I'm from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, and was wondering what will be the next song to be released in 2014, send me an email to <a href="mailto:latge_cbv@hotmail.com">latge_cbv@hotmail.com</a> in response, thanks for everything, the songs that touched me, and his series on Nickelodeon from the first to the fourth season. The only wish I have is that you answer this e-mail me and I'll know you read it and liked it! Sincerely, a big fan of you!

hello Big time rush try touring the part of Alagoas in Brazil please

Simples, James Maslow me seduz inteiramente. TT_TT I-N-T-E-I-R-A-M-E-N-T-E <3


Hello Big Time Rush, come to Brazil in Sao Paulo, I am a big fan of Big Time Rush.
Logan is my favorite, he is smart stylish and beautiful. All are. Come here we need you.
You regaled me with your music and TV beings, by the time I needed it most. Thanks for everything, hope you guys stay together forever.
I follow you all on Twitter, reply me @1gabrielmanoel, or Facebook Gabriel Manoel Ataláia.


come to Portugal to the Atlantic Pavilion please.
Sorry my English is google translator.
Look at my fan pages, is in Portuguese, but I think it gives to understand. Kisses for you four, I love you.
My favorite is Logan, but of course I love you all.

<a href="https://www.facebook.com/BigTimeRushFasPortuguesas?ref=hl" title="https://www.facebook.com/BigTimeRushFasPortuguesas?ref=hl">https://www.facebook.com/BigTimeRushFasPortuguesas?ref=hl</a>
<a href="https://www.facebook.com/rushersportugal?ref=hl" title="https://www.facebook.com/rushersportugal?ref=hl">https://www.facebook.com/rushersportugal?ref=hl</a>

Kisses (Portugal) <3